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Although I have had pugs since 1983 our real show and breeding career began in late 2000 with "Kira" on the "Commedia club match" She became best Baby .

The judge was breed specialist Bas Bosch. He foresaw a bright future for our little lady, which has materialised during the the later years.
She became the mother, grandmother great-grandmother and great- great- grandmother of our youth-and country champions.

Four of my ladies, respectively her daughter , granddaughter,, great-granddaughter, ang great-great - granddaughter have become best bitch here in the Netherlands and of "Commedia" in 2003, 2007 ,2010 and 2015 .

Lady Abigail of Winnefall        - Beste Teef "Commedia" 2003
Lady Destiny of Winnefall      - Beste Teef "Commedia" 2007
Lady Jai-Li of Winnefall           - Beste Teef en Mopshond "Commedia" 2010
Lady Unique of Winnefall       - Beste Teef en Mopshond "Commedia" 2015

I breed with a small line that is tightly plotted and planned.

Being a Professional breeder, it is my goal to contribute not only to beautiful pugs but also healthy pugs! Top quality but not quantity. Health testing is of the prime importance and I would not hesitate to exclude a bitch or dog out of my breeding programme if he or she does not comply with standards and set goals!

We are also regularly seen in the show ring here in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

My personal preference is with the fawn/beige/apricot pugs.

Thank you for visiting my website andI hope you will enjoy my pugs..